Ivan's Land (post production)

written and directed by Andrii Lysetzkyi


Ivan’s life is defined by nature, mysticism, and art.  When he is invited to showcase his paintings and sculptures in Kiev, his world gets turned upside down.


Projectionist (post production)

written and directed by Yuriy Shylov


Valentin is an eccentric projectionist. For 44 years, he’s been working in one of the oldest movie theatres in Kiev’s city centre. In his projection booth, he drinks with war veterans, dances with the show girls from next door or cuts his friend’s hair. Every day at work seems like another adventure. The turmoil on Maidan Square and the war remain behind the scenes, while the life on screen creates an alternative reality. It all comes to an abrupt end when a fire breaks out in the cinema and Valentin is forced to retire. He looks after his dying mother, rushing to help her the moment she calls. With an average life expectancy for men in Ukraine of 64 years, Valentin is aware that he does not have much time left. Still, he fights desperately to find a new meaning in life in a rapidly changing country.

The Other Side of the Lens (Pre-Production)

written and directed by Carine Khalaf


A British photojournalist's aspiration to become a war photographer is fiercely challenged by his Lebanese girlfriend Dounia. In the face of the unimaginable, will Neil have what it takes to remain on his side of the lens? 

Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros walks the ruins of a building Aug. 21, 2006 in southern Beirut, Lebanon.
Getty Images

Tres Revoluciónes (Development)

written and directed by Maria Stanisheva and Diana Ivanova

TRES REVOLUCIÓNES                             

(THREE REVOLUTIONS) tells the story of 3 

Cubans: Zurbano, Carlos, and Amehel introduce us to their personal social art revolutions: writing, theater, and spoken word. Combining their socially driven artwork with fly on the wall vérité, the film explores the plight of the Cuban community at a pivotal point in the country’s history, told entirely from their perspective.


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